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There has been an explosion in Deal a Day companies led by Groupon and Living Social.  BIA/Kelsey estimates 2010 revenue for the industry at $873 Million and revenue continuing to grow in double digits.  Deal a Day sites continue to add markets and many are establishing a local sales force.  Coupons are attractive and can […]

Angel Street Capital Invest in Mercury

Angel Street Capital has participated in Mercury’s latest equity raise.  Mercury (www.mpmri.com) has been in business for over 50 years providing direct mail and printing services.  Over the last few years they have been transitioning their business into a digital marketing firm.  Mercury works with customer data and develops strategies to enhance that data for […]

Internet Radio Revenue – WHERE IS IT?

Having been intimately involved in the Internet radio industry for many years (we were there at its birth), I am amazed that advertising revenue has developed so slowly.  It was 2004 when we formed Net Radio Sales to represent stations in the sale of national Internet radio advertising and this period was also when TargetSpot (another […]

Angel Street Capital Invests in Mofuse, Inc.

Angel Street Capital has participated in Mofuse’s recent completion of a Series A preferred stock offering.  Mofuse provides a DIY solution for the creation of mobile websites.  Angel Street Capital believes that Mofuse provides a much needed service.  While much hype has been garnered around mobile applications, the bulk of mobile web interaction occurs in […]


Not everyone needs an app.  Given the success of Apples App Store and now the launch of Google Chrome’s app store the buzz has created a feeling of needing an app in a mobile world.  There has been such a rush to keep up with the cool factor that many have lost site of a […]


As the Wall Street Journal reported today (11/22) for the first time since the dawn of Cable TV, the number of U.S. households paying for TV subscriptions is falling.  Between the first and third quarter of this year 335,000 subscribers were lost.  The debate whether people are “cutting the cord” will continue until a trend […]

Evolution of Radio Ad Targeting

With terrestrial radio we had studies by Arbitron and others that broke down the composition of a format’s demographic audience (20% 18-34, Soft AC skewed more female, etc.).  This information was based on data collected from the people who filled out a diary.  Location based advertising was somewhat easier because a station’s over the air […]