What We Like

We love…
Local Digital Media, Internet Radio, Digital Advertising Systems, Audience Data/Analytics, Ad Exchanges, Content Management, Mobile, and Social Media.
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What We’ll Invest

$50,000 – $250,000 is the kind of initial investment we’re interested in. Typically this takes the form of preferred equity or convertible debt. We often participate in subsequent equity rounds provided certain benchmarks are achieved.
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Who We Are

Our keyword? Springboard.
Our #1 goal is to help create a company that can scale rapidly utilizing our experience and contact network.
The proof is in who we work with and have helped springboard.
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“Bob and Joe are the kind of early stage investors you want as an entrepreneur. Frequently you will find investors who favor extremes. Rarely do you find the experience in an investor to help you pursue the proper middle ground to allow an early idea to grow. Their insight and experience have been invaluable.”

MATT BARBACo-Founder, CEOPlacester

“Bob and Joe know what it takes to build successful companies, because they’ve done it. They get in the trenches with their investments, providing much more than capital”

ALLAN TEARCo-founder and Managing PartnerBetaspring

“Over the last 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with Joe and Bob on many successful projects.

Joe and Bob are smart investors and, most importantly, they know how to make money! Perhaps equally important, they are honest and a pleasure to work with.”

Peter Ottmar
Peter OttmarChairmanTwoBolt

“Bob, Joe, and Stephan have been a key part of AirKast’s early success.

In addition to providing expansion capital, they have assisted us with business strategy and provided us with key industry contacts allowing us to scale our business.”

Simon Moy
Simon MoyPresident, COOAirKast

“An entrepreneur needs a sounding board for any number of topics. We all have blind spots. What’s important is to have someone to go to whose advice you trust. Angel Street investors have been in my situation before and that matters a lot.

More than any investors I have worked with, they are willing to pitch in and truly be a ‘partner’ by giving sound, candid advice. That’s what you need. ”

Annette Tonti
Annette TontiCEOMoFuse

Angel Street Works with the Best