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Monetizing Internet Radio

At a recent seminar I heard someone lament, “I have done everything they told me to do, I subscribe to Ando Media’s audience measurement and their ad insertion system, I have a mobile app, I signed up with Katz to sell nationally, how do I make any money”.  This comment was made by a smaller […]

In Car Radio

Many have debated what the in car audio solution will be.  My vision is shaped by the device we all carry today that has so many functions.  It’s hard to think about creating a new system to manage our audio in car experience.  As a result my vote is for better integration with a car […]


Pandora is the leader in Internet radio.  They worked away in obscurity for many years.  Their early entrance combined with their  unique (many have copied now) approach to generating a customized listener playlist, gradually built a significant audience.  With listener registration data they have reached a scale where they can now geo target and sell […]


Yes mobile is hot.  It is hard to read any publication without coverage or prognostication on where the industry is headed.  For the radio industry mobile currently means streaming their audio content to a mobile device.  The primary way of doing this is to create an application for each major platform; iphone, android, blackberry.  Some […]

We need innovation

Radio stations are content to take their over the air content and just stream this content online. While this may allow their P1’s another way to listen it misses the significant opportunity to create more engaging content that is customized for the way people are consuming this new media. As discussed in a previous blog, […]

Back from NAB in Washington, D.C.

We just returned from the Fall National Association of Broadcasters convention in Washington, D.C.   The mood was significantly more upbeat given the positive growth in radio revenue this year.  One of the key themes of the convention was developing a digital strategy.  Of course there are those who don’t want to acknowledge that the world has […]

Is Internet radio audience increasing? YES for SOME

While the answer to this question is yes – not all stations are sharing in this growth.  For the period September 2009 – June 2010, Internet radio listening to the top 20 audio groups increased 27.2%.   Unfortunately terrestrial radio, including even the largest broadcasters for the most part, is not sharing in increased audience levels.  […]


Unfortunately HD Radio was dead on arrival. This topic is like the emperor with no clothes. Many in the industry are afraid to speak up and state the facts. While a good idea when originally contemplated, technology passed it by before it was able to be launched. I cannot see how it can compete with […]