As our name implies, we assist companies in the early stages of their life cycle providing both consulting services and capital. 
Our principals have a long track record of successfully investing in digital media and related industries, generating impressive returns for ourselves and for our partners.

  • We have come from traditional media and embraced the transition to digital at an early date.
  • We have actually built and run (on a day to day basis) several media businesses and as a result we bring firsthand knowledge of the 
difficulties in navigating the early stages of a company’s life cycle.
  • We are very competitive and hate to lose. We want to be on your team and enjoy the success that comes with profitability or an early exit.
  • We believe you should know who the potential buyers of your company are before you launch. Get to know them.
  • Strong underlying industry drivers need to be in place (rising tide…).
  • Management, Management, Management.
  • Networking will lead to opportunities.
  • Proper capitalization and capital structure is critical.